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Eat Plants Lift Iron

Eat Plants Lift Iron

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A straightforward book that truly understands the skinny man’s challenges and offers a realistic and natural way to gain healthy weight and muscle! This is not about becoming a humungous body builder; it’s about building the body you got! EAT PLANTS, LIFT IRON is the inspiring story of an experiment to see if hip hop artist Stic of dead prez –who is naturally slim and also a distance runner, could gain 20 pounds while on a high performance plant-based diet. Part personal adventure, part nutrition plan, part training regimen,
Eat Plants, Lift Iron provides —
• Sample meal plans, grocery lists and delicious, protein rich, nutritionally balanced recipes from Holistic Nutritionist and plant based chef Afya Ibomu B.S., CHHC.
• The best training exercises for “naturally slim” body types to put on size. Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach Scott Shetler, NSCA-CPT guides you with his expertise.
• Stic’s humorous and motivational personal account of the struggles and emotional challenges that skinny guys deal with and the solutions he uses for balancing fitness, work, travel and family to Reach Bigger Goals. Forward by Torre “The Vegan Dread” Washington, 4 Time Pro Body Builder

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